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Choosing a wedding venue in Melbourne?

I shoot so many weddings all around Victoria, that google maps is my best friend. But there are some special venues keyed in to my’ favourites’ menu that I don’t need to even look up anymore. They’re like home to me, and we always get a warm welcome when we visit!

We are one of the most recommended local Wedding Photographers in the Yarra Valley and Dandenong area, so being familiar with the light, weather,  and lovely venues around here is  a huge advantage.

Choosing the right wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you have to make while planning your wedding. Most of my clients tell me they went on their ‘gut feeling’ when deciding on a wedding venue, but what does that mean?

It means that they liked the look of the venue, it was well organised, they loved the surroundings and could picture themselves getting married there. The gardens and facilities would be great in any weather, the price was right, they felt it fitted their style and vision of the perfect wedding.

BUT what is the most important factor in their decision? The PEOPLE!

The co-ordinators, managers, office staff and everyone they spoke to whilst looking for a venue impacted their ‘gut feeling’. It’s the people that are  helpful, organised and welcoming that make your wedding perfect. Our favourite wedding venue teams are always the ones that have made our couples feel relaxed and have taken care of everything effortlessly. They are experienced and professional, always smiling and hilarously funny people. You have to have a good sense of humour in this business.

The amount of energy everyone puts in to a wedding means you have to love this job or you’d be crazy to do it!

These are my recommended venues, the ones that make everyone feel happy and welcome!

Megan xx

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