Boudoir (noun) “a beautifully decorated room used in the past by a woman for sleeping, dressing, relaxing, and entertaining”


Welcome to the new Boudoir Portrait Paradigm.


I’m Megan, your photographer, and I’m very very very excited to be announcing a new way

to create women’s portrait photography.


Over the years it has gotten a bad reputation, but I’m here to change all that.


I am here to make it Empowering,Enjoyable, Sensational, Fantastic & Fabulous!

I am here to make it all about you, Beautiful One.


🌟Your Femme Power 🌟


Doing this just for you!!

Not for your partner

Not for approval

Not for the world


This can be for your eyes only, or you may want to share.


Either way, this is specifically for you.

In the past, we have been told to shut down, and be quiet.

And not show our sensuality, not even allow itself to show one little bit not, allowed to shine.

Isn't it time you stepped out of this, and into your own?

Into your own world of fun and play and sensuality.


This is what your Portrait Session is!

It's a chance to explore who you are, explore you,

and give you that wonderful, sensational full feeling of knowing that you...


Love Yourself Again


🧡That you love your body

🧡That you love yourself

🧡That you are worthy

🧡That you are amazing


Your body is amazing vessel

Your body carries you, and your children, and through life.

And yes, it is battle scarred and maybe a little broken,

you may have been through medical procedures,

and maybe feel like your body is not your own anymore.

We give our bodies away to doctors.

We give our bodies away to partners.

It's time for us to reclaim them again for ourselves.

To reclaim our own pleasure.

To reclaim our own feminine right and Sovereignty.

To reclaim our bodies.


Part of this portrait shoot is to give you that chance to feel, to enjoy, to appreciate your body again

To see it, with your own eyes how amazing it is!

Sometimes we cannot see the truth even though it's standing right in front of us.

It's standing right in front of us in the mirror, yet all we can do is criticise.


The Portrait session with me gives you the chance to actually appreciate yourself.

To actually appreciate you, how far you've come.

All you've been through, to celebrate your life.


It's a once in a lifetime experience that every woman should experience

to enjoy, appreciate and celebrate herself.

Celebrate yourself, Celebrate who YOU are.

There is no shame in that!


We have been shamed and told we cannot be too conceited,

we cannot have too much ego, we can’t be too fancy, we don't want to stand out.

But the truth is, we should all be lifting each other up.

We should all be encouraging each other to shine,

to stand out, to be ourselves, to express ourselves.

This is what I do!

I hold the space for you to be able to feel free to express yourself and be who you really are.


And you have these beautiful, beautiful photographs you will treasure, your children will treasure.

You have this wonderful woman,

this wonderful,

wonderful woman,

who they all love,

being herself, being proud of herself.


So whether this is a Boudoir Portrait or a Beauty Portrait in normal clothes,

this is all about you celebrating yourself.

Finding your pleasure, seeking your pleasure.

Thinking about what is is that makes you happy.

Because, Darling One, YOU are the only one who can make you happy.

Not your partner, not your children, not anybody.


You will never be truly happy until you allow yourself to be happy.

that you feel no guilt and no shame in being happy.

And that is what this shoot is all about.

Allowing Yourself.

Whether you are already on your journey,

this is the beginning,

the start,

the end,

it's all the same.

This photographic shoot is a life changing experience that everyone deserves to have.


Thank You 🧡



Megan xoxoxo


To Book a Session, just call me on 0413841296 or send me a message at or






Thank You Notes


"I had the privilege of having an amazing boudoir shoot with the amazing Megan.

This shoot changed so much of me.

It has bought out the confidence I didn’t think I had after 3 kids

and such a huge weight transformation!

I never thought this woman was there!

This woman has always been scared to even just be in front of a mirror with underwear on,

just would never look but here I was having photos...

No photo shop no changes just ME!!!

I’m so proud of MYSELF,

gone are the thoughts of changing my stomach to have the tick and rid the stretch marks!

Now this is me... in its purest form!

I am a Mum, I have 3 kids, I have flaws, I am strong...

but all of this makes me.... ME"

Louise x

WHY I Love Boudoir Photography.


I get it!

I’ve got 4 kids and was in my 40’s, covered in stretch marks, feeling frumpy and old, tired and stressed. Every day I’d look in the mirror and tell myself the most horrible things, I felt unloveable and ended up getting quite sick from all the stress, worry and self loathing.

One day I had a health scare and decided it was time to try reduce my stress levels for a start, and get healthier for the future.


It led me to working holistically on my mind, body and spirit, and as part of that journey I had a boudoir shoot with another boudoir photographer.

We both photographed each other the way we do with our own clients. It was such a wonderful, emotional experience.

We laughed, we cried. I’ll never forget it!

I couldn’t believe what happened after that,

I felt sexier, happier, lighter, more energised,

and she did too!

We’ve both been doing this for clients for years,

I’ve seen the wonderful changes in my gorgeous clients, but had never experienced it myself because I didn’t trust anyone.

To put yourself in someones hands and trust them to understand you is so hard. But both of us were so glad we did it in the end.

It was like being at the top of the rollercoaster and just shutting your eyes, only to find that it was actually awesome fun and you’d love to do it again!!


That’s why I’d love to have the honour of guiding you through your very own Boudoir Portrait session to what will make you look and feel amazing.

There’s no judgement here, it’s private with just me

and my wonderful makeup artist.


I want you to have what helped change my life and the way I feel about myself.

Warmest Hugs, Megan xxx

Megan Aldridge Photography


Melbourne & Beyond