My Wedding Secrets

12 Week Wedding Secrets Mentoring Program for Wedding Photographers

$100 per weekly session in our Melbourne Studio

Are you a wedding photographer, running your own business,

and need a little boost to kick it into shape?

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My Wedding Secrets is a 12 week mentoring program with

Award Winning Master Photographer Megan Aldridge. 

You will receive weekly intimate group mentoring sessions with Megan Aldridge to review your business processes and give it the boost it needs. Megan will share her Wedding Secrets on how she has been running her own successful wedding photography business for over 14 years. This is a fantastic opportunity to kick start your wedding photography career by learning from the best. Your first session includes a Wedding Secrets workbook.

PS: Megan is only taking a limited number of students so be quick as places are filling up fast!!!!!

BOOK with Megan on 03 9758 8618 or at the Studio 1214 Burwood Hwy Upper Ferntree Gully Vic. 3156


during our 2 hour weekly  My Wedding Secrets workshop

you will learn how to get

  • more profit
  • better work/life balance
  • the right clients for you
  • feed your creativity
  • Build client’s confidence
  • maintain your drive
  • organise your business better
  • new clients automatically
  • wedding marketing secrets


Casual Weekly 2hr Session $100 (no commitment)

6 Session Package $550

12 Session Package $1100 (one session is free!)

Your investment in your business is $100 per weekly 2 hour session, payable on the day. 

After 12 sessions, you will receive a BONUS private one-on-one mentoring session with Megan, worth $495.00!!

About Megan

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Since becoming a professional wedding photographer, I’ve struggled with the whole idea of actually making money. I’d probably do it for free, because I love it so much!

(being a busy mum with 4 kids & hubby to take care of, I’m used to doing everything for love, not money)

I felt bad for people who were struggling with their budgets and gave them discounts, undervalued myself and ending up feeling unhappy with my ‘ungrateful’ clients. You see, the more I gave them, the more they wanted, and the fussier they seemed to become. I was trying to stay affordable (OK lets say it – I was ‘cheap’) because I though other photographers were charging way too much.

What I didn’t realise was that i wasn’t doing myself or my clients OR other wedding photographers industry, any favours. Bills were piling up, and it was getting harder to just break even. I wasn’t charging enough to do a proper job. I couldn’t afford to hire any help and I was struggling with trying to do everything myself.

Basically I was working like crazy for free!

It was a bad road to go down, and I had to turn it around, or quit this very expensive hobby!!

What was wrong with me? I knew I was a highly qualified, capable photographer!  I was nice, I was honest and caring, most of my clients liked me, but I just wasn’t getting enough clients or getting paid enough.

Wedding photography is probably one of the most rewarding jobs in the world if you do it right. We have grateful clients, we are there on a very happy day, we make people happy and preserve their memories forever. We have a very important job!



Changing my attitude towards my business changed everything. I’m happier and my family is happier. Then I realised that its all about being positive.

That was my “Aha!” moment.  Being positive about myself,  positive about my clients, positive about other photographers & vendors.

Understanding and standing by the fact that i deserve to be successful and paid well, attracting the right clients, led me to create a secret system which allowed me to have a healthy work/life balance, spend more time with my family and have a healthy bank account. Without feeling like I’ve ‘sold out’ or lost my creative drive and passion.

I often wished I’d had a chance to work in another studio before starting my own business, so i could learn from someone else rather than from my own mistakes!

I have been running my business for over 14 years and I am now a Master Photographer with numerous awards under my belt. I feel it is time to teach other wedding photographers how to run a successful business, love what they do and be rewarded for it!


Megan xx

If you are asking yourself how you can boost your wedding photography business and start making more profit, this course is for you…

Megan Aldridge, an accredited Master Photographer with the AIPP, will take you though your business step by step and answer ALL your questions in our 12 week mentoring program My Wedding Secrets. 

Come join this creative group of women who are taking control of their businesses & getting the help that they need to create a better income with more opportunities today! Let’s get you started!

This is an amazing opportunity to learn from the best in the business. Be quick as Megan is only taking on a limited amount of students and places are filling up fast!!!!!

To BOOK your first session, Contact Megan on 03 9758 8618 or at the Studio 1214 Burwood Hwy Upper Ferntree Gully Vic. 3156


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