Be yourself…

Megan Aldridge Photography is a beautiful boutique wedding studio in Melbourne. We travel all over Australia

and have clients in New York, London and even Switzerland.

We love to work with couples who want more than just traditional wedding photography and are looking for

someone with a friendly, natural approach.

What separates us from other studios is that we have an art-documentary style and because of this, clients

receive their whole wedding story, not just the highlights.

You can just be yourself, and relax, knowing your photography will be easy, beautiful, and in good hands.


You’ve probably never been photographed like this before; are you wondering how you’re going to relax?

Megan’s years of experience and warm, caring personality bring out the best in people. She understands that

posing is not natural to most people, so we don’t do that – we will put you at ease so you don’t feel

uncomfortable. It’s all about really having fun, not just pretending!

“To be natural is such a very difficult pose to keep up” Oscar Wilde


Are you still nervous about being able to ‘let go’ on the day?

Megan’s team is on hand to help out too, and make sure that everything runs as smooth as silk. We are expert

dress fitters, train fluffers, button hole pinners, cake decorators, flower deliverers, Hollywood tape dispensers,

wedding planners, counsellors, – anything it takes!


You love photography and you want amazing photos, but are you or your partner still feeling uncomfortable about being in front of the camera?

The best photos are taken when you don’t know it. We take a lot of beautiful candid photos while you are lost

“In the moment”, often our couples forget we were even there, until they see their photos!

No cheese, please!

We always do our best to get that ‘wow’ feeling into our images, without making

you feel “cheesy”! Weddings are a celebration with friends and family, a chance to get together and share with

everyone you care about.

REAL moments, just as you remember them, only better.



We love, love, love weddings!!!

All of our team is here because they really love this job!

What better job could there be?

We get to be with our couples on the best day of their lives,

we get to share intimate family moments,

we get kisses and cuddles and

tears of gratitude.

It’s the best job in the world!


Megan Aldridge Photography


Melbourne & Beyond