FAQ’s Wedding Day Photography

When should my hair & make-up be ready on the day?
It would be great if your hair and make-up can be completed two hours before you have to leave home for the ceremony. This will give you half-an-hour to get dressed before we arrive to create some beautiful images of you, your bridesmaids and family.

What time should I book our cars till?
When booking your cars allow for half-an-hour after the intended start of your reception. This doesn’t mean we will plan to be late to the reception, but it gives us some breathing space to complete location photography without the pressure of being charged more by your hire car company.

What sort of cameras do you use?

I use all Canon professional cameras and prime and/or L SERIES lenses. I carry backup equipment for all of my needs.

How much time do we need?

I’m pretty good at planning schedules and do it all the time, so after your first meeting with me, I’ll know how much time you’ll need and we will work out a rough schedule for you. Another final schedule will be decided at your pre wedding planning meeting.

I usually spend an hour with the girls getting ready, half hr with the boys if required, and 20-30 mins for family photos plus minimum of 45 mins for bridal party and b&g photos. The more time we have, the better & more photos you’ll get.

I usually stay between half and hour to one hour into your reception for the formal introductions and hopefully the cake cutting and first dance. I’m happy to stay longer, just ask me about extra coverage rates.

Do we have to provide you with meals?

Only if I’m staying for most of the reception.

What if the day runs late, will you stay?

If you realise you need us longer than you’ve booked for, and let us know before the wedding, you’ll get the lower extra time rate.

I can stay up to half an hour extra if the day runs overtime, but any time after that will be charged at our full hourly overtime rate of $250 per hour. It’s better to extend your time before the wedding because its cheaper, and my baby sitter doesn’t get upset with me!

Do you do video?

No, I just specialise in stills photography, and the best videographers just specialise in filming.

I have a select group of videographers that I’m happy to recommend.

What sort of photos do you take at the reception? Will you take shots of all the guests?

I take detail shots of the tables, decor and wedding cake, as well as candids of guests mingling as much as time allows, and like to stay and get you being announced or just walking into the room, as well as cutting cake, first dance etc again if time allows. If you’d rather do the cake & first dance later, you can hire me for longer, or we can do a good old fashioned ‘mock cutting’ of the cake before the guests are seated.

Are you the actual photographer?

Yes,if you book me, you will get me, I don’t send other photographers to shoot my weddings unless I am in hospital or dead! If I am already booked, then I have associate photographers available for you to meet with personally and decide if they are a good fit.

What happens if it rains on the day?
I always have umbrellas handy in case of a rainy day. If you are having your ceremony outside make sure you have a plan B. I will always scout the location for a good spots to take photographs. However if we do need to take photos inside I bring extra lights with me.

Megan Aldridge Photography 206

Night time photos – what if there’s no light?

If your ceremony is late in the day (or there’s no daylight savings) and the sun will be setting not long after, we may run out of natural light for your portraits. I’m perfectly happy to use other lighting, but if you’d prefer photos in the daylight,  I’d suggest seeing if you can possibly move the ceremony time a little earlier, or consider having  a ‘first look’ portrait session before the ceremony. That way you’ll have more time for family photos and not miss your cocktail hour at the reception. This may add a bit of time to your coverage though.

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What if it’s a winter wedding?

In Melbourne we’re used to expecting ‘four seasons in one day’ kind of weather – storms in summer, heatwaves in winter. We have to be prepared for anything!
Most winter brides expect the worst weather on their wedding day, they plan for an indoor ceremony, they give their bridesmaids some shawls or wraps or even fur stoles (fake fur, of course) to keep warm.
Daylight ends about half an hour earlier in the Dandenongs, so plan your ceremony nice and early to make use of as much natural light as possible.

What if you’re getting married at a winery and you really want some photos in the vines, but it’s so muddy you can’t walk on the grass in your silk stilettos?

Bring some gumboots. Or thongs!

How many photographers will attend our wedding?

I will be your Photographer, I find that working alone allows me to fit in more easily and be less obtrusive so that I can get more candid moments.

Can guests take photographs at our wedding as well? 
Yes, absolutely! However I do ask that Megan Aldridge Photography is the sole official wedding photographer. This allows me to ensure I capture every moment of your wedding day unobstructed.


What happens AFTER the Wedding Day…

You have just photographed my wedding – what happens now?
Well……you go on your honeymoon and relax!! And I get to work and edit your wedding photos – I will be in touch once your images are ready.
Keep an eye out for a sneak preview from your wedding on my Facebook page.

How long after our wedding will our photos be available?
Your wedding images will be ready in 4-6 weeks.

Do we get every single photo that you take on the day?
Pretty much. I do delete some photos… blurred, test shots, bad exposure, and people blinking… basically the bad images get deleted immediately.

Are the images we receive high resolution?
Yes. So with the USB, you will be able print photos for your family and friends at any photo lab. If publishing these images online, I would like to ask that you give us credit (i.e.: just say “Photographs by Megan Aldridge Photography”) thanks!!

Do we receive colour or black & white photographs?
All of your images are captured digitally; any image can be produced in colour or black & white. I will find the best process to suit the mood of your day.

Do we choose the images in the keepsake album?

I will select and design the keepsake album personally for you with my favourite images.

How do we select the final photos for our wedding album?
It is your wedding album, we want you to have your favourite images and enjoy the process of putting together your perfect  album! I would ask you to select 50-150 of your favourite images from your wedding day. The album design can take between 2-3 weeks to be ready. Once your album is design we will have a meeting to review your design. Should you decide you want more in, or out, I’ll then rework the album, with you, to ensure it’s exactly what you’re after. I will help you create the wedding album of your dreams with a minimum of fuss.

How long after our wedding will our album be ready?
If you have booked an album, immediately after you provide us with the image numbers you would like included in your album, I begin the design.
Each of our wedding albums are custom ordered and hand made to the highest quality possible. It is for this reason we allow 6-8 weeks for delivery after your album has been designed and approved by you.

How can we share our wedding photos with family and friends?
A selection of highlights from your wedding will be loaded onto an online photo gallery. You will receive an invitation to view this gallery after you have collected your images. This online gallery can be shared with your family and friends.

How can friends and family order wedding prints?
Your guests can go directly to your online gallery and view all of your photos. They will be able to view it as a slideshow and also download any image they’d like to keep.

How long does Megan Aldridge Photography keep our wedding photographs?
We will keep a digital copy of all of your wedding images for a period of 2 years. It is a good idea to back up your USB so you have multiple copies just in case.


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