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I believe everyone is Uniquely Gorgeous.

I believe everyone is good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, attractive enough, and totally amazing just as they are.

Not 10 years ago, not 10kg lighter. But right now.

There’s no time like now, right?

But do you believe that?

Do you really hear it when someone compliments you, or do you shut down, brush it off with a “what, this old thing?” comment?

What if I could show you, once and for all, how Gorgeous you are?

What if I could give you the confidence you deserve?

What if I could give you the power to look in the mirror every day and LOVE what you see?

Thank You Note:

brooke before and after

“Thank you Megan for the most empowering day.

I have been training most of the year in wanting to do a boudoir photo shoot so when I found your business I fell in love with your photos. 

Your style your attitude and approach to make all women feel confident and amazing .It was after my second child was 2 and I had my wedding in one year’s time that I started my journey in the gym. 

Exercise always gives me  happy endorphins  and I knew that the photo shoot would be the same.

The reason I did this photo shoot was all for me…. 

To feel empowered, strong, to be proud of myself of what I achieved in the gym, to set a good example to my daughter also to see that I am sexy mum of two at the age of 41.  

You definitely made me feel comfortable, confident and truly beautiful.

Thank you.” Brooke


Boudoir (noun) “a beautifully decorated room used in the past by a woman for sleeping, dressing, relaxing, and entertaining”

Boudoir Portraiture is feminine, sexy, empowering &  intimate photography.

It’s all about learning to love and accept yourself no matter what.

You’re allowed to let go and let that playful, fun, sensual side of yourself out for a day!

You’ll receive a full makeover with a professional hair and makeup artist and a One Hour Boudoir Portrait Session.

I’ll be there guiding you with everything from outfits, to hair and makeup and gorgeous, relaxed posing so you’ll look and feel amazing.

The days of over the top 80’s Glamour photos are long gone, thank goodness!

Your photos will be very, relaxed and natural, with natural window light.

I love doing location shoots on the beach or anywhere else your dreams might take you!

I’m based in Scoresby, Vic, but I’ll travel anywhere.

You don’t have to show up with corsets, stockings and suspenders, (unless that’s what you like!)

Just bring whatever makes you feel amazing.

From just a soft loose jumper and socks to something sporty, silky, sexy or lacy, it’s what your heart desires.

You could start collecting photos on Pinterest so you can get an idea of what you’re drawn to.

Or check out my Boudoir Pinterest Board for some inspiration: BOUDOIR GLAMOUR 

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WHY I Love Boudoir Photography.

I get it.Megan25web

I’ve got 4 kids and was in my 40’s, covered in stretch marks, feeling frumpy and old, tired and stressed. Every day I’d look in the mirror and tell myself the most horrible things, I felt unloveable and ended up getting quite sick from all the stress, worry and self loathing.

One day I had a health scare and decided it was time to try reduce my stress levels for a start,  and get healthier for the future. It led me to working holistically on my mind, body and spirit, and as part of that journey I had a boudoir shoot with another boudoir photographer. We both photographed  each other the way we do with our own clients. It was such a wonderful, emotional experience. We laughed, we cried. I’ll never forget it.

I couldn’t believe what happened after that, I felt sexier, happier, lighter, more energised, and she did too! We’ve both been doing this for clients for years, I’ve seen the wonderful changes in my gorgeous clients, but had never experienced it myself because I didn’t trust anyone. To put yourself in someones hands and trust them to understand you is so hard. But both of us were so glad we did it in the end. It was like being at the top of the rollercoaster and just shutting your eyes, only to find that it was actually awesome fun and you’d love to do it again!!

That’s why I’d love to have the honour of guiding you through your very own Boudoir Portrait session to what will make you look and feel amazing. There’s no judgement here, it’s private with just me and my wonderful makeup artist. I want you to have what helped change my life and the way I feel about myself.

Warmest Hugs, Megan xxx

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