Best Weddings of the Year

This year has been so amazingly exciting!

Beautiful beaches, lush wineries, stunning mansions and  even rock star surprises!

But the most important thing for me has been the people and their stories.

Every wedding happens for a reason and the story behind it is unique for every couple.

It’s such a privelidge to be able to listen to so many beautiful love stories and ceremonies, and help my couples to relive how magical their weddings were.

When someone says “I didn’t even see you there!” or “I can’t believe you caught that!”, I get super excited.

It means I’ve given them something that no one else has.

I never take the importance of my job for granted, and I’m very grateful to be able to have such a rewarding and creative job for so many years.

Thank You to all of my Beautiful Couples!!

Megan xxxx

Megan Aldridge Photography


Melbourne & Beyond