Can Personal Branding Photography Help You Get Clients?

Can Personal Branding Photography Help You Get Clients?


1. Do you feel like a picture really IS worth a thousand words, now more than ever?

Your Social Media shapes people’s first impression.
Just using stock photos or ‘selfies’ isn’t enough to build a personal brand anymore.
People want to relate to a story or they will just keep scrolling.
Emotions create wonderful connection.

2. Do YOU know that you’re an Expert, but see others way LESS qualified than you getting ALL the clients?

That’s because they managed to get out of their own way and put themselves in front of their business.
People buy from people they know, so being the world’s best kept secret just isn’t going to get you any business.
I help my clients move through the blocks that are holding them back from being confident and visible.

3. Wouldn’t you love to have unique, custom made photos that jump out at your Tribe?

They need to see you, the real authentic you, in action.
They want to see your style, lifestyle and personality behind the brand.
They want to feel connected to you and what you’re saying.
Personal Brand Photography is a way of shooting that tells YOUR story.
It creates a powerful visual connection to your tribe like nothing else.

5. Do you need an expert to help you quickly and easily find clarity and direction for your personal brand?

Forget about chasing shiny objects or spending hours looking for stock photos!
Let’s get you started!!
We’ll be creating 3 fantastic themes together that tell your stories in an engaging way that attracts your ideal clients like a magnet.
We’ll shoot them all in 3 hours together and I’ll have some sneak peeks to you the next day!
The rest will be ready within the week, ready to use whenever you need them.
6. What if you’re scared of getting in front of the camera?
You know you should get yourself ‘out there’, but most of us aren’t that comfortable in front of a camera.
Don’t worry if you’re camera shy, helping you feel totally relaxed and just be yourself is my secret Superpower!
No one wants to look staged or awkward.
What if you could find a photographer that you can trust, who’ll calmly guide you through it, actually making it quick, fun and easy, giving you the confidence to real be yourself and let your authenticity shine through?

7. With truly great photos, where would your business be BY NOW?

What REALLY gets people to buy…is seeing themselves using the product, or seeing themselves wanting to get to know you.
You’ll have bespoke photos of your art/product/talent and more importantly, the story of you.
Personal Branding Photos will build more relationships, grow your community and increase your sales.
Hi, I’m Megan!

I create beautiful branding images for AMAZING business leaders.

For over 18 years, I’ve been a Professional Photographer with a background in Portraiture, Branding , Sales and Marketing.

You might hire me to take your portrait, but what I really do is help you increase your sales by helping you to really connect to your tribe. By showing you as your real, authentic self.

I specialise in helping you feel comfortable with being the face of your business in an un-staged way.

Clients rely on my many years of experience in working with colour psychology, styling, photo story telling and branding to create a clarity plan. They love the clear sense of direction and focus that it gives them.

When I’m not working, I’m loving life with my 4 kids, Hubby & our little rescue kitten, Paris.

I’d love give you a free Personal Branding Clarity Session so you can see how to connect to your ideal clients.Hope to chat to you soon!

Megan xx

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