Sandringham Yacht Club Wedding

A Super Special wedding at Sandringham Yacht Club with a surprise guest appearance that shocked everyone!

Liz and Matt (a Pro Golfer) went all out to make sure their guests had a fantastic time, providing the best surprise entertainment ever when Darren Middleton (Powderfinger) entered the room with an acoustic guitar and began singing on of their favourite songs. Liz and Matt met at a Powderfinger gig, so Liz secretly organised this surprise without Matt knowing – I’ve never heard such a huge round of applause at a wedding!

  • Wedding dress by Mathieu Salem
  • Hugo Boss, purchased at Raul in Brighton
  • Cake by Sweetheart Bakery
  • Golf Balls!
  • Photo Locations at Brighton Beach (beach boxes) and Kamesburgh Gardens (First Look)
  • Wedding Reception at Sandringham Yacht Club

Megan Aldridge Photography


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