A wedding night at the museum – Melbourne Museum wedding

“Welcome to the second leg of our worldwide wedding tour!! We had a wedding in Brisbane in February, one in Melbourne today, and our last one in Malaysia in 2 weeks time! ” the crowd laughs and applauds loudly. I so wished I’d been at the other two weddings as well. We had been following Dennis and Sue-Lyn around since early that morning, and I was wishing I could have spent a couple more days like this with them. I should have been exhausted. I should have been over it by then. I’d been going since 7am and it was now around 9pm. But Dennis and Sue-Lyn’s boundless energy, happiness and enthusiasm was s0 contagious I found myself wanting to do it all over again.

The getting ready, the jokes made up by Hannah, the funniest flower girl ever, the stunning ceremony at Melbourne University (where they met) the fantastic locations, and best of all, playing with the dinosaurs with the whole museum to ourselves!! How cool is that?! This was a perfect day with such lovely people, and I felt honoured to be a part of it, and so did every single friend and relative there. That’s absolutely for sure!

Congratulations Sue-Lyn and Dennis,

M. xx

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Wedding Styling and Event Planning by Vogue Weddings and Events

Locations: Melbourne Museum , Sofitel Melbourne

Catering: Peter Rowland 


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