Cambodian and Chinese wedding at Quat Quatta!

Cambodian Wedding Dress

VICTOR’S  family is Cambodian, MELISSA’S family is Chinese, they’re getting Married at Quatt Quatta, a heritage Melbourne mansion, so how does that work? The answer is, BEAUTIFULLY!

Melbourne is wonderful city where many cultures blend seamlessly into a rich tapestry of  unique style and beauty.

Victor and Melissa’s wedding celebrations started off with a Cambodian wedding ceremony in traditional dress. The gold colour is traditionally worn by a king and queen. Intricate jewellery and bright colourful offerings, gifts and sculptures added gorgeous  details.

Monks presided over the ceremony and it was very visual, special and beautiful.

The next morning, Victor and his groomsmen arrived at Melissa’s house and endured a hilarious torture session devised by her bridesmaids, complete with waxing strips for punishing wrong answers to their questions!

A CHINESE TEA CEREMONY was held for the family with Melissa wearing a red Cheongsam and Victor in traditional Chinese red jacket.

The rain just held off for their beautiful ceremony at Quat Quatta Receptions. Glass flower baubles hanging a different heights added a whimsical touch, and the wedding cake from Ab Fab cakes looked amazing.

Melbourne’s classic architecture and atmospheric lane ways provided the perfect backdrop for their stunning portraits, especially the MOODY wedding photos  in DEGREAVES ST.

Thanks for letting us share your day, M&V! xx


Megan Aldridge Photography


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