Engagement Portrait Session

We know it can be difficult to select the right photographer to document your wedding day, and the choices can be overwhelming.  So an Engagement Portrait Session will give you a test drive with Megan Aldridge Photography. Get to know Megan and her style of shooting and get a feel for how your wedding day will be.

engagement session

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To help you make your engagement session a little easier, here are some frequently asked questions about engagement sessions:

Why should we do an engagement shoot?

It’s a rehearsal!  Spending time with your photographer prior to the wedding can  help with the results of your wedding photos.  The mere experience of working with your photographer beforehand is quite valuable.  That person will be by your side for most of your wedding day – wouldn’t it be better if she was not a complete stranger?! Plus you will receive some amazing images from this special time in your lives together!

Who shoots our engagement portraits?

Megan Aldridge our AIPP Master Photographer with over 14 years’ experience, will be shooting your engagement portrait.  Megan is one of those people who is completely there for you.  Every cheeky wink, every secret glance, is caught with a quiet ‘click’, and it’s in your story forever – she understands how important this job is.

What should I wear?

Rule number one (this is actually the only rule!):  Wear what you feel comfortable in and what you think makes you look your best.  If you do not feel comfortable, if you do not think that you look good, then you will not be happy with the engagement photos!

How long is an engagement session?

All of our custom on location engagement sessions last for about an hour.

Where do we do the engagement shoot?

What locations best describe you?  Did you get engaged at a lookout or on the beach?  Are you always going to the movies?  How about starting the shoot in front of the city’s glitziest cinema?
We can take your engagement portraits anywhere you like as long as it is withing Melbourne. Our advice is to choose your favourite location that means something to you.

What time of day should we do the engagement shoot?

All our engagement portrait sessions are shot during the week as we are shooting weddings on the weekends

We usually recommend to start your engagement session about an hour to an hour and a half before sunset. That gives us the VERY best light of the day and. That being said, early in the morning is also always an option, but stay away from high noon if at all possible.

To book your engagement shoot now, call 0413 841 296 or email us today