Why do I need a headshot? 

Relaxed Business Portraits

Whether you’re a corporate executive, small business person or a creative, your headshot is your logo. As one of your chief marketing tools,  this logo gets you noticed and gets you work by connecting people to your brand through an image of you that reveals your personality and conveys your approachability, friendliness and professionalism. You only get once chance to make a first impression. Why not make one that people will remember?

What is a great headshot?

A great headshot isn’t just a photograph taken with expensive equipment; it relies instead on a combination of the lighting, poses, expressions and compositions that bring out your personality naturally. To look natural, you need to feel comfortable. Only you can bring your personality to the shoot, but a great Master Photographer, like Megan Aldridge, can spot it, capture it and ensure it comes through in the final product. Throughout your session, Megan knows how to help you relax, positioning you towards the camera in genuine form, and most importantly what to say to evoke those warm, spontaneous expressions that make your personality shine through the lens.

Traditional Indoor & Corporate Headshots anywhere in Melbourne

Traditional headshots are most commonly used for corporate catalogs, brochures and advertising collateral, company publications, press releases, annual reports, marketing materials, articles and ‘Our Team’ and ‘About Us’ sections on company websites. With the largest professional studio in the Four Corners Region, our indoor setting features a non-dramatic, simple-lighting setup for the most flattering shot of you that highlights your aptitude, intellect and professionalism.

Outdoor & Creative Melbourne Headshots

With a desire to stand out and make a statement, many clients opt for our more creative or in-the-field headshot sessions in the Melbourne area. Without sacrificing the power of a simple background, we find the environment that best complements you; that is, whatever makes you feel relaxed, confident and free to be you. From musicians, private instructors and writers to models, artists and personal chefs, our goal at Megan Aldridge Photography  is to capture the essence of you so you can keep doing what you love most.

Brand Matching

Both simple and powerful, headshots fit today’s marketing demands and can be used in all areas of your personal branding strategy. And with the growing participation of online consumers and potential clients, your headshot allows people to connect a face with a virtual identity. Headshots should look and feel timeless like all strong trademarks, but keep in mind styles change, so we encourage you to update your headshot every year or two so your shot stays consistent with your product.

Social Media and other uses of head shots

Take the time to let Megan capture you in your finest light so you can put your best face forward in the impactful world of internet communication. Use your headshot to build visibility of your logo and connect with potential clients and networks through professional and social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, your Blog avatar, forum and account profiles, and anywhere you have a presence online. From the signature of your email to your online profile shot, a professionally-taken headshot shows people you care about the details and your personal appearance, direct reflections of how you handle your business. Megan will give you the files already sized and optimised to suit each of the platforms that you use, so you can just upload them straight in.

How do I prepare for my headshot session?

The camera pulls out what you’re feeling, so come prepared feeling your best. Get plenty of sleep the night before, eat light and healthy the day of the shoot and, gentlemen, don’t forget to shave. Consider hiring a professional makeup artist or hair stylist, but don’t switch up your normal hygiene regime just before the shoot as new skin cleansing or hair care products could bring about unexpected results.

What do I wear for my headshot session?

Keep your style simple. Light to medium-dark colors are generally more flattering. Avoid all-white and busy patterns and logos that distract from your face. As implied in its’ name, a headshot consists of your head and upper shoulders, so choose something that falls well on your collarbone and flatters your neckline. T-shirts are generally not a great option for women. Three quarter to long sleeve, or just sleeveless are more flattering. Most importantly, remember to relax and bring your smile.


Sessions start from just $99.

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So now that you’ve booked your shoot, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR?

You’ll need one or two outfits.

This is the perfect excuse to go shopping, or add some fun accessories to what you already have!

When deciding what to wear at your Makeover Shoot, it’s really important that you feel attractive in it.



We all have something we don’t like about our bodies,

but your Boudoir Shoot is all about celebrating what you LOVE about yourself!

It may not be easy to think positively about yourself at first,

but I encourage you to find at least one feature to say,

“YEP! I LOOK GOOD!” about.

That’s what you should focus on.
Ask yourself, does this outfit show off my favorite features?

Remember, true beauty comes from within,

so the best photographs are created when you feel good!

If you plan on shopping, make sure you’ve tried the clothing on, moved around, and love it.

You will look your best when you feel confident and good inside.

Keep in mind, this is ultimately about what you want, what you like, and what you want to see yourself in.

Your clothing should be a gorgeous reflection of your taste and personal style.

If you’re thinking “Hmmm….maybe I would actually like to do a boudoir shoot now?”

go to the link below to download a FREE BOUDOIR PLANNER

to get tips on how to get the best results from a Boudoir Shoot.

There’s plenty of stuff in there on boudoir posing,

what to wear and how to prepare for your Dream Boudoir Shoot!



Call Megan on 0413 841 296 to ask me anything!

Boudoir Shoots available in Melbourne and Surrounding Areas

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Top Ten reasons Why Women Don’t Do a Boudoir Shoot and Why that’s Such a Shame!


  1. I’m too fat – I am an expert in making curvy women look and feel fabulous, it’s what I do. It’s so good to feel great right now!

  2. I’m too old – I just shot a 74 year old lady’s Boudoir shoot and she looked smoking hot! You’re never, ever too old! (see her pic in the slide show above)

  3. I look terrible in photos – Finding the right photographer who understands how to help you relax will bring out your inner beauty, I promise!

  4. I’m not a model – An experienced portrait photographer will coach you and guide you down to your fingertips to make you look effortlessly gorgeous.

  5. I’m too nervous – Breathing and relaxation techniques are seamlessly incorporated into your session to allow you the time to get comfortable.

  6. I’m embarrassed – A warm and caring photographer will talk you through and make sure they understand what you would be comfortable with, we also come to your home anywhere in Melbourne, so you don’t even have to leave the house!

  7. I’m scared of what my partner will think – Having a female photographer eliminates any jealousy, and he is welcome to be a part of the process.

  8. I have nothing to wear – This is a great excuse to go shopping! I will send you a list of suggestions on what to wear or buy, it doesn’t have to be expensive! (see free download below)

  9. I cant afford it – Payment plans are available such as take-home lay-by.

  10. My friends and family wont approve – Your photos will be private and discreet, delivered exclusively to you, no one needs to know, but I’ll bet you’ll want to show them off!

If you’re thinking “Hmmm….maybe I would actually like to do a boudoir shoot now?” go to the link below to download a FREE BOUDOIR PLANNER to get tips on how to get the best results from a Boudoir Shoot. There’s plenty of stuff in there on boudoir posing, what to wear and how to prepare for your Dream Boudoir Shoot!



Call Megan on 0413 841 296 to ask me anything!

Boudoir Shoots available in Melbourne and Surrounding Areas


I’m so thrilled to have the privilege of photographing this Vintage Wedding Shoot!  A collaboration inspired by Hollywood screen legend Dorothy Lamour, we were all so excited with how beautifully this shoot came together to create a modern take on Vintage Glamour, perfect for Autumn and Winter bridal Inspiration. Working with the amazing Vivian Ashworth Hair and Makeup, Gwendolynne’s Couture Bridal Gowns, Curvy Model Georgia and Thrive Flowers and Orchards at Springvale Farm was a dream come true, and the collection has been published on Polka Dot Bride!!!

Visit Polka Dot Bride to view the full blog post here!!

Photographer: Megan Aldridge Photography / Gowns: Gwendolynne / Hair & Makeup Artist: Vivian Ashworth / Bride’s Jewellery: Stephanie Browne / Bride’s Jewellery: Samantha Wills / Bride’s Belt: Alexi Freeman / Veils: Richard Nylon / Flowers: Thrive Flowers & Events / Model: Georgia Macaulay/ Model Agency: Bella Management / Venue: Orchards At Springvale Farm / Makeup: Gorgeous Cosmetics / Lashes: Modelrock Lashes / Poodle: Duncan The Orchard Poodle

Phew! What an amazing year! So many wonderful wedding ceremonies and celebrations, it was amazing to go through them all and gather my favourites. I have been so lucky to travel all around Melbourne to the best wedding venues, with the best couples! I hope you enjoy these wedding photos as much as I did taking them. Megan xx