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Tara and Danny’s Wedding at Zonzo Estate Yarra Valley

Tara’s sister expertly popped the bubbly and the wedding celebrations were off & running!!
Her bridesmaids looked so pretty & glamorous in their Tiffany blue robes, which just happened to match Tara’s engagement ring box and invite colour scheme – I had a suspicion that Tara’s attention to detail meant that this wedding would be a really great one, and it sure was!
Soon Tara was making her way determinedly along the abandoned train tracks at Zonzo to meet up with Danny for their “first look” portraits before the ceremony. Danny’s huge smile said it all when he saw her walking towards him in the bright sunlight. They hugged and laughed and kissed hello, then the whole bridal party got together for pre wedding photos,  so they could spend more time catching up with their guests later.
Back up to Zonzo, Danny’s Dad ushered the guests with his bagpipes blasting into Zonzo’s fabulous barn, which was all lit up with beautiful lights and filled with flowers, wine and a moose head.
Cloud9 Celebration’s gorgeous Shannon was conducting one of her last ceremonies before taking time off for maternity leave, still managing to rock high heels, and so full of energy! Tara & Danny’s ceremony was beautifully written by Shannon, full of wonderful memories and hilarious stories.
After the massive group photo, we grabbed a refreshing home-made lemonade and Zonzo’s beautiful wines started flowing as the guests relaxed & caught up with friends and family.
The smell of freshly baked wood fired pizzas lured everyone into the reception, where Grandpa took the floor and kicked the night off with a hilarious joke about a coffin on an Irish kitchen table!
Fairy lights and candles glowed warmly, as each speech became funnier than the last. And the rest, as they say, is history…..

Should we have our photos done before the ceremony?

A ‘first look’ or ‘pre ceremony’ wedding portrait session is becoming a popular choice for Australian wedding couples.

First made popular in the U.S. because of tight timeline restraints between the ceremony and reception, couples sometimes opt to take their bridal portraits earlier in the day before the ceremony or even on a separate day.

It’s become more common here because a lot of couples want to be able to spend more time mingling with their guests after the ceremony, rather than disappearing for ages to take photos.

For couples who don’t mind breaking with the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony, but still want to capture the surprise and happiness of seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day, this is a great option to consider.

It still doesn’t spoil the emotion of the groom seeing his bride walking down the aisle towards him. That moment remains just as powerful, no matter how much time they’ve spent together before the ceremony, because the atmosphere is completely different when all of their friends and family are there witnessing the beginning of the ceremony.

In my experience, often couples are a little bit more relaxed and enjoy the ceremony even more if they’ve already met up beforehand!


Amanda and Rupert’s classic summer wedding in Melbourne. A lot of fun, a little bit formal, but in a good way!!

Family and tradition mixed with a lot of fun and laughter combined to make a really special wedding day.



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